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Aims to generate good profits for the investors who buy and hold it.

SpotX constantly works to benefit investors.

About Us

Why SpotX Token?

SpotX Token empowers early adoption to our native coin on our very own Exchange-this was designed with investors & visionaries in mind! SpotX token is your ticket to unlock access to rewards and functions on our exchange.

Buy and Sell

How much the expenses (13% for purchases and 18% for sells) permits $SpotX to give $SpotX holders the steady high return of 110,289.35% yearly.
One extra advantage of the great charges is that $SpotX is the main symbolic that benefits when Whales dump, in light of the fact that the expenses gathered help $SpotX hodlers.

$SpotX Contract Address: 0xe6AE40B039581a06Eb56077e252a6563815d069A

How it functions?


$SpotX is the local symbolic which pays interest rebase rewards. Each symbolic holder consequently gets interest remunerates like clockwork only for holding $SpotX tokens in their own wallet. Most noteworthy Fixed APY : 110,289.35%


Progressive Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol, with one of the best fixed APYs in the business of 110,289.35%. Interest compensates additionally accumulated at regular intervals for each BSC wallet that holds $SpotX .

Protection FUND

The IFV fills in as a protection asset to accomplish cost dependability and long haul manageability of SpotX.


The Treasury offers help to the IFV in case of an outrageous cost drop in the $SpotX token. The Treasury likewise supports speculations, new SpotX tasks and showcasing for SpotX.

SpotX Feces (Burn)

1% of Buys and Sells exchanged, are burnt in SpotX Feces. The more traded the more the SpotX pit to fill in size

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There are two unique Slippages which can be utilized for exchanging $SpotX :
1 | When you wish to get, you should put the slippage essentially at 13%.
2 | When you wish to sell, you should put the slippage essentially at 18%.
You could have to add higher slippage during times when there are heaps of trades of SpotX , yet you ought to just at any point bring about a similar trade expenses

As you know already, SpotX has a 13% and 18% fee for buying and selling. However, when attempting to buy or sell through an exchange, the fees, or slippage, may be higher. This is because that although SpotX only charges a flat fixed fee, the exchange also requires a fee. The slippage accommodates the price movement due to the level of liquidity in the pool. The exchange will always get a fixed percentage of the price paid. When the price movement is higher, the amount paid to the exchange may increase.

The depository capacities as an extra monetary help for the IFV. This extra help can become significant in case of an outrageous cost drop off of the $SpotX token. The depository is additionally used to finance new SpotX items, administrations, and ventures that will grow and develop the WAP use cases and the SpotX economy.